Prize List & FEI Definite Schedules

2017 Great Lakes Equestrian Festival Prize List (click to view)

download a copy of the prize list here


FEI Definite Schedules 

In FEI Classes 1001 (Grand Prix) if there are 50 athletes or less, an athlete will be allowed to compete 2 horses.


 WEEK II  CSI2*  DS_DEF_update_I_Williamsburg_MI_2_12-16_July_2017_v2.pdf 


WEEK III CSI 2*   DS_DEF_update_I_Williamsburg_MI_2_19-23_July_2017.pdf


WEEK IV CSI 2* DS_DEF_update_I_Williamsburg_MI_2_26-30_July_2017.pdf  


WEEK V CSI2*  DS_DEF_Williamsburg_MI_2_2-6_August_2017.pdf


Week VI CSI 3*  DS_DEF_CSI3_Williamsburg_09-13_August_2017.pdf